Moon Days

A Living Tradition

In the Astanga Yoga traditon we are taught to practice yoga six days a week, taking off for moon days.

Traditionally, Saturday is the day of rest. On this day Pattabhi Jois recommends his students take an oil bath to reduce excess internal heat which can be felt as pain and stiffness in the body, a short temper, red skin, redness in the eyes, or pinkish acne.

To learn why Ashtanga Yoga practitioners take off practice on new moons and full moons visit Tim Miller at

Women should not practice inverted asanas during menstration, and if you practice daily, it is suggested to take rest for 2-3 days during the heavy time of your cycle.  I also suggest reducing the amount you practice as your cycle is coming on and as you return to it.  It is like winding down and winding up. In this way, we are truly experiencing our monthly cycle like the Moon.   

2019 Moon Days

Please Note:  Due to my reduced weekly teaching schedule I am no longer cancelling class for Moon Days. I am displaying the Moon Days for the year so you are aware for home practice.  I suggest that my local students still attend class on their regular days and account for your Moon Day a different day than when I am teaching.  

Full Moon

January 21 (Monday)
February 19 (Tuesday)
March 20 (Wednesday)
April 19 (Friday)
May 18 (Saturday)
June 17 (Monday)
July 16 (Tuesday)
August 15 (Thursday)
September 14 (Saturday)
October 13 (Sunday)
November 12 (Tuesday)
December 12 (Thursday)

New Moon

January 5 (Saturday)
February 4 (Monday)
March 6 (Wednesday)
April 5 (Friday)
May 4 (Saturday)
June 3 (Monday)
July 2 (Tuesday)
July 31 (Wednesday)
August 30 (Friday)
September 28 (Saturday)
October 27 (Sunday)
November 26 (Tuesday)
December 26 (Thursday)


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