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Raleigh Workshop Goes ONLINE!

Apr 7, 2020 Michelle Dorer
Ashtanga Yoga / Raleigh, NC

Michelle Dorer's Workshop in Raleigh will continue through ZOOM!  Join her with the incredible community of Ashtanga Yoga School of Raleigh April 24-26.  Schedule, curriculum, and pricing are unchanged.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, let us know so we can help by offering special pricing.  This workshop will be an in depth study including practice, pranayama, Yoga Sutras Chanting and Discussion, and a spiritual talk and discussion concerning the importance of Surrender or Isvara Pranidhanat on your Yogic Path.  Going online allows the opportunity for a greater audience. You do not have to travel, get lodging, and be away from your family to take this workshop!  Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Click here to register now!  

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