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Second Series 6 Week Course with Michelle Begins Saturday, October 2!

The Second Series of Ashtanga Yoga is an intricate and beautiful sequence that is not explored often enough. It is true some experience with First Series or Advanced Vinyasa is helpful, but you do..
Michelle Dorer Sep 22, 2021

David Garrigues Will Be Teaching in the Outer Banks This September!

David Garrigues will be teaching a Mysore Intensive in the Outer Banks September 12 - 17.  This will be his first in person public appearance since the Pandemic.  We are honored to have..
Michelle Dorer Jul 13, 2021

Weekly Beach Yoga Classes Available for the Season!

We kicked off another season of Beach Yoga!  We are offering two multi-level Vinyasa Yoga classes a week on our beautiful beaches on the unique Outer Banks.  This makes the perfect setting..
Michelle Dorer Jun 1, 2021

Primary Series Six Week Course with Michelle Dorer!

Register now for my 6-Week Primary Series Course starting April 7th, from 6:30pm - 8:30pm **3 Ways to Participate**   In Sanskrit the Primary Series is called Yoga Chikitsa, which means..
Michelle Dorer Mar 30, 2021

The Maturation of a Yogini

Yoga is a process. And like with any process in life, one cannot always understand what is happening to them, why, or on what level. Wouldn’t we like to know?    Yoga is..
Michelle Dorer Mar 12, 2021

One Day Workshop with Michelle Saturday March 20! Bandhas, Vayus, and the Subtle Body

Ever wondered why some yogis are huffing and puffing through the traditional sequence, while some of us don't? Or why it looks effortless fo some and effortful for others? I'll let you in on a..
Michelle Dorer Mar 8, 2021

Led Primary Series Will Be Held At Ascension Studio!

Starting THIS Sunday, March 7, Led Primary Series will be taught at a public venue!  The class will now be held at Ascension Studio in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Click for information and to..
Michelle Dorer Mar 1, 2021

Evening Mysore Time Change!

In order to accommodate students who work 9-5 jobs, I have decided to move the start time of Thursday evening Mysore back to 6pm.  I hope this helps give everyone time to get to class without..
Michelle Dorer Feb 19, 2021

Beginner's Workshop 6 Week Course Begins Soon!

Join Michelle Dorer for an in-depth 6 Week course geared towards new students or students seeking to learn more about Ashtanga Yoga starting Wednesday, January 13!  This course will interweave..
Michelle Dorer Dec 1, 2020

Wednesday Morning Led 2/3 Primary Series at Ascension Studio OBX

Starting Wednesday, November 4, Led 2/3 Primary Series will now be help at Ascension Studio OBX in Kill Devil Hills.  Click here for location information! We are so excited to bring this class..
Michelle Dorer Nov 1, 2020