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The Maturation of a Yogini

Yoga is a process. And like with any process in life, one cannot always understand what is happening to them, why, or on what level. Wouldn’t we like to know?    Yoga is..
Michelle Dorer Mar 12, 2021

Bless Those Who Know the Earth to be Sacred

Lately I find myself more concerned with the physical world we live in…Mother Earth… Why is it that loving and respecting the Earth does not actually have a place in our modern..
Michelle Dorer Apr 15, 2020

The Funky Blues of the Soul

For much of my journey, I have been encouraged to open up and share my experience. I can be shy, and I’m known to be the type that keeps a lot inside. After 15 years of very dedicated yoga..
Michelle Dorer May 28, 2019

Insomnia; the Medicine of Sleep

Sleep is one of the deepest medicines.  It is simple, old, natural, and timeless.  Sleep is absolutely necessary to maintain good health both mentally and physically.  The body gets a..
Michelle Dorer Nov 6, 2017

On Being Too Flexible

In reference to my previous blog "What is Yoga?" there are many misunderstandings of what Yoga really is.  In this blog, I want to address the illusion that being as flexible as possible is the..
Michelle Dorer Apr 5, 2017

What is Yoga?

Contrary to the images you are bombarded with in pop culture and social media, yoga is not a fashionable exercise fad.  It also, however, is not a religion.  These are the two extremes and..
Michelle Dorer Jan 3, 2017

Remembering Chip Hedenburg

As many of you already know, the Spiritual Community of the Outer Banks has suffered a huge loss with the recent passing of one of its brightest members and leaders. Chip Hedenburg passed away from..
Michelle Dorer Sep 9, 2016


In many ancient cultures and religions, the Earth is usually personified as being an expression of feminine energy and embodying the Mother.  I have, throughout my life, gravitated to these..
Michelle Dorer May 17, 2016

You Are What You Eat

I am currently teaching a six-week Beginner's Course to a wonderful group of students that has inspired me. One of the first lifestyle changes that happens when you begin practicing hatha yoga is a..
Michelle Dorer Feb 4, 2016

Invoking the Ancestors; The Opening Invocation

To me, the natural beauty of being connected to an authentic yoga lineage is clear. The reason perhaps so many forms of yoga are being splintered from this tradition to be marketed more widely is..
Michelle Dorer Dec 1, 2015